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DEA Campus Drug Prevention

This is a national website.

This new website is DEA’s latest effort to support drug abuse prevention programs on college campuses and in surrounding communities. The website was created as a one-stop resource for professionals working to prevent drug abuse among college students, including educators, student health centers, and student affairs personnel. In addition, it serves as a useful tool for college students, parents, and others involved in campus communities.

CampusDrugPrevention.gov offers valuable information, including data, news updates, drug scheduling and penalties, publications, research, national and statewide conferences and events, state and local prevention contacts, and resources available from DEA’s federal partners. The website also includes a “Help a Friend” resource to educate and prepare those who plan to talk to their friends or loved ones about drug use concerns.

For more information and to receive updates on campus drug prevention efforts and resources, visit www.CampusDrugPrevention.gov.


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