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The Coalition Impact: Environmental Prevention Strategies

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This publication provides an overview of the environmental strategies approach to community problem solving and includes examples of efforts where environmental strategies aimed at preventing and reducing community problems related to alcohol and other drugs were implemented.

The Seven Strategies: 

  1. Provide Information
  2. Enhance Skills
  3. Provide Support
  4. Change Access / Barriers
  5. Change Consequences, Incentives/Disincentives
  6. Change Physical Design
  7. Modify & Change Policies

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Publication Date: 2010
Format: Toolkit
Audience: Coalitions
Population Group: Adults, Men, Women, Older Adults, Young Adults & College Students
Actions to Take: Advocate For Change, Develop Interventions, Develop Strategic and Action Plans, Engage Youth, Implement Evidence-Based Strategies
Publisher: CADCA
Downloadable: Yes, Click Here.